The Microcassette

Cassette Tape

Parts of a Microcassette Tape

Magnetic Cassette Tape

Microcassette Recorder

Last week I did alot of research on the microcassette* for one of my classes at school. The assignment was to take apart an object, research it, and then visualize four levels of data.

Sounds so nerdy, right?

I ended up getting stuck with the microcassette as my subject because as I roamed my house trying to find something to take apart, I soon realized that everything interesting I had to dissect, I cared about too much and didn’t want to destroy. So at the eleventh hour, an old microcassette found in a junk drawer was chosen, and had to do in a pinch.

I did learn an interesting fact about this old, antiquated technology, though. Each microcassette tape contains 2700 inches of magnetic tape! That length is equal to:

• 112.5 microcassette tapes lined up in a row.
• 45 twelve oz. to-go coffee cups stacked on top of each other.
• 5.625 school buses parked bumper to bumper.
• 2.4 basketball courts.

It’s pretty amazing so much tape can fit into a tiny little 2-inch plastic case. It reminds me of how each of us has about 20 feet of small intestine tucked inside our abdomens.

* Do any of you children of the ’80s remember Pocket Rockers, the microcassette player marketed toward kids and tweens?

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