Vintage Halloween Photos

I’m buried under a mountain of work and three crazy deadlines, but I’m coming up for some air to post another round of fantastic vintage photos from eBay, and to say that I hope to see you Sunday at the Portland Halloween Bazaar!

On to the goodness…

Retro Devil Halloween CostumeI usually prefer B&W photos, but I really dig this color one an adorable little devil who has some LL Cool J pants going on.
* * *
Vintage Halloween Costumes ChidrenA great group of kids in costumes. Notice there are two kids dressed in the same Lady & the Tramp costume (second from left, and far right).
* * *
Retro Jetsons Halloween CostumeI love this Jane Jetson costume!
P.S. Does that documentation hanging on the wall say: LOAFER’S LICENSE? Anyone know what that means? All it made me think of was this.
* * *
Vintage Halloween Masks“Rawr!” So creepy, yet so cute.
* * *

One Response to Vintage Halloween Photos

  1. Stephanie says:

    HA! I remember the short-lived days of plastic masks and haha the LL Cool J pants.

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