Sidewalk Etiquette

Well, I survived the first week of school.

I think my classes are going to be pretty rad, and I have a feeling that this quarter will be awesome overall. One of the big projects I’m going to be designing for my Information Design class is about the cultural history of the sewing machine! I will be sure to share any cool tidbits I discover along the way.

You know what else happened this week? I was reminded that I am passionate about sidewalk etiquette*.

Really, sidewalk etiquette is super simple at its core. It’s about being respectful to fellow human beings.

1. Walking on the sidewalk is like driving a car. Stay on the right side, and allow oncoming traffic to pass on the left.

2. Groups of people—yes, even a duo is considered a group in this instance—need to line up single file (on the right side, of course) if walking on a crowded sidewalk, or when someone is coming toward the group in the opposite direction.

We have the power to make the world a better place! If everyone practices sidewalk etiquette and teaches their children these rules when they are young, these good habits will become so natural to all of us, it will become just a part of our daily lives. And in turn, future pedestrians everywhere will never have to the feel the frustration of a rude sidewalk hogger**!

Now that’s a thought that puts smiles on the faces of kittens!

* I realize this statement makes me some sort of combination of the following: a square, a curmudgeon, old and uncool.
** I don’t know about where you live, but Portland is FULL of sidewalk hoggers.

7 Responses to Sidewalk Etiquette

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ugh…sidewalk hoggers. What about mall walkway hoggers? Or ladies with strollers and 4 kids attached to their hip. They take up everybody’s space! Sheesh. hehe

    >> Now that’s a thought that puts smiles on the faces of kittens!? hahahaha

  2. Zebra Pants says:

    I used to be a completely timid pedestrian who would go way out of my way to avoid any oncoming foot traffic, no matter how rude they were or how far I had to maneuver.

    Now I am only a *mostly* timid pedestrian, who attempts sometimes to establish fair and polite sidewalk use.

    My new system is simple. Assertively take your side of the sidewalk. When a group comes toward you, continue walking as if they aren’t there. If they genuinely aren’t paying enough attention to see you, use the psychic power of the “dirty look” to catch their eye. (Often, a friend of the most oblivious person will touch their shoulder and alert them to your presence.) Under no circumstances yield “your side” by altering your course. If the oncoming group seems hell bent on maintaining formation, continue on course and simply stop right in front of them as necessary to avoid collision. Again, do not change course or step around them. Maintain a disgusted glare at their rudeness until they step around you.

    Always maintain a nervous awareness in the back of your mind that, although you are in the right, you are also kind of asking to get beat up.

  3. Lisa says:

    I am proud to say that I have GREAT sidewalk etiquette!

  4. Cori says:

    i seriously had to jump into the street to avoid being maimed by a person carrying an umbrella once. i understand your plight. :0)

    by the way, i TOTALLY owe you an email. I promise one will be coming soon! at least something to read between homework, right? ;0) and i’ll see you Sunday!

  5. Ethel Stark says:

    But I am left handed where do I walk? lol

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