Flickr Favorites

I can spend hours on Flickr browsing through photos, especially if I find a photo pool or set that I find intriguing and inspiring. Today I want to share some of my Flickr favorites with you, and encourage you to share some of your favorites with me. What do you guys like to look at on Flickr? Do you have any favorite sets or groups? Here are a few of mine.

Vintage Halloween WPA PosterVintage WPA Posters

* * *

Vintage Flapper GirlVintage Flappers

* * *

Kellogs Honey Smacks 70sKrazy Kids Items (Vintage Packaging)

* * *

A Journey Round My Skull (Tons of Eye Candy!)

* * *

Vintage Sewing MachineVintage Sewing Machines

* * *


2 Responses to Flickr Favorites

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Ooooh! Those are both awesome. Some day I hope to have a whole room all to myself to use as a crafting room & office.

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