Update on Christmas Aprons

This past Saturday the rain really came down all day long, so I stayed inside and got some sewing done. I finished up the last few Halloween aprons that were lying around half-finished, and I got an excellent start on winter holiday aprons.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m creating two new seasonal apron designs for winter, and bringing back four of my most popular designs from last year.

The new apron designs I came up with are exact opposites of each other, and I’m really digging that. One is a very fancy, sparkly, and wintry hostess apron in cool tones, while the other is a very festive, kitschy, and Xmas-y traditional half apron in warm tones. Here’s a sneak peek/teaser of the latter design:

Kitschy Christmas ArponYes, I hand-cut all those tiny reindeer antlers for multiple aprons all by myself.

Oh! While we’re on the subject of production, I wanted to ask you something. While I’m making my seasonal goodies this year, is there any part of my creative/production process that you’d like me to document and share on the blog? It doesn’t have to just pertain to aprons, either. It could be about my cupcake toppers or garlands too.


One Response to Update on Christmas Aprons

  1. Barb says:

    Do you still have the book on making felt ornaments … and if so … would you be willing to share any of the patterns?

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