Etsy Love: Halloween

Oh Halloween, how you captivate me so! Lately I’ve been spending perhaps a little too much time looking at vintage and handmade Halloween goodies on Etsy. I can’t help it, though! This is the holiday that intrigues and inspires me the most. Here are a few Halloween goodies that have caught my fancy.

Vintage Halloween Party Streamers{Vintage Halloween Crepe Paper Streamers}

* * *

Vintage Film Cansiters{Vintage Film Canisters}

* * *

1960s Halloween Dress{Vintage 1960s Halloween Party Dress}

* * *

Vintage Halloween Scraps{Metal Box of Vintage Halloween Treasures}

* * *

Halloween Fortune Teller{Vintage Whirl-O Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game}

* * *

Halloween Chapstick{Spooky Halloween Flavors Lip Balm Pots}

* * *

Bride of Frankenstein Doll{The Bride of Frankenstein!}


2 Responses to Etsy Love: Halloween

  1. Lisa says:

    OOOOOOOOOOH! SO MANY AMAZING FINDS!! I love the crepe paper!!

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