Awesome Stuff Cool People Are Up To

Happy Friday! Nattie and I are off to visit my mom for the day. Mom is going to let me look through her drawer full of now-vintage greeting cards my family has received throughout the years, as well as a ton of old family photos before I was born. She said I could borrow anything I like to scan, so I’m really excited!

I was thinking yesterday about how I used to love going through those old greeting cards when I was a kid. I can recall picking out my favorites, and being content as I discovered, then rediscovered those cards time and time again. No wonder I have such a fascination with ephemera as an adult.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend. Here are some fun links to cool stuff people have been up to lately.

Jessica at How About Orange shared these adorable FREE printable vintage hanky notecards by Eat Drink Chic.

Measuring Vintage ClothesElsie of A Beautiful Mess posted a really awesome, in-depth article on how to understand vintage clothing sizing, and also how to make sure you get your measurements right! Super helpful stuff!

The talented Anna of Noodlehead shared a tutorial for a super cute library tote.

And last but not least, my friend Jess, who recently moved from Portland to Minnesota, made art with a chair that we’re pretty damn sure used to be mine. Here’s the story:

Back in 2002, my friend Heidi moved to NYC and gave away most of her belongings to her friends. I was lucky enough to inherit a beautiful, vintage, plush orange armchair that I had always secretly coveted since the first time I visited her apartment.

In 2003, my friend’s cat peed on my orange chair and I was never able to get the smell out despite the many efforts to do so. Eventually in 2004, as I was moving, I decided it was time to give up on the smelly orange chair. I left it on the back porch of an apartment I never really liked and never felt like home in. As I was leaving, my neighbor said she was going to take it. I never saw that chair again. Until the other day on Jess’ blog.

I know this might not even be my chair, but it is identical to the one I used to have (even down to that black tag you can see on its seat). And really… how many bright orange vintage armchairs that reek of cat pee could there be out in the world?

If it is my old chair, though, that would be pretty incredible. Let’s say that it is. This means that somehow that chair made it from a tiny, crappy apartment porch in a tiny mill town in Washington to my friend’s art studio in Minnesota. Amazing! I wish I knew the story of its journey. And if it is my old chair, I’m glad that it made it out of that crappy apartment complex to have an adventure and end up as art.


3 Responses to Awesome Stuff Cool People Are Up To

  1. Stephanie says:

    That is really amazing about the chair. I bet it is yours! What a story it could tell. Have a wonderful day with your family and a great weekend!

  2. Meredycat says:

    Did my cat pee on that chair? I know she peed on your bed, which was HORRIBLE!! Miss you.

  3. Susan says:

    Crazy story — I bet it is yours. The universe works in mysterious ways.

    Thanks for the post from A Beautiful Mess. I’m just starting to get into vintage clothing, so I’m sure this will be helpful.

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