Thinking Good Thoughts For My Friend

My friend Tasia is having hip replacement surgery today, so I’m keeping her in my thoughts this morning.

We’ve known each other since, well, forever basically. Our parents have been friends since the 1970s, and Tasia and I were born exactly two months apart. We’ve known each other our whole lives. We’re more than friends—we’re family.

I have so many good memories with Tasia spanning across my entire life: Playing together as kids; Having about a bazillion sleepovers; Watching movies and MTV late at night; Writing comedy sketches together; Learning to play music together in our first rock-n-roll band; Taking beach trips; Going on each other’s family vacations as teenagers; Having so many inside jokes & laughing so damn much.

One of the things we did for years as kids was record fake radio show bits on my mom’s beat up old boombox. We called it CBTS Radio Station. CBTS is a combination of our initials, and we thought it was appropriate that they be the radio station call letters. I have a cardboard box FULL of old cassette tapes that are filled with our old radio shows.

So I’m thinking good thoughts for my friend today while she’s in the hospital. I’m going to visit her tomorrow and give her a big hug!


5 Responses to Thinking Good Thoughts For My Friend

  1. Susan says:

    So sorry to hear that. I will think good thoughts too!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Aw, that is awful having a friend go through that. I bet she looks forward to your visit! =)

  3. Mom says:

    Tell her we are thinking of her and hope she’s feeling better soon.

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