Back to School Week: Vintage Yearbook Photos

About six years ago, I went to an estate sale and bought an old photo album full of snapshots from what looked like the late 1960s and a Cleveland High School* yearbook from 1956.

Both are pretty awesome, but today I’m going to share some of the best photos from the vintage yearbook, and a college-related piece of ephemera that was tucked inside the photo album.

P.S. You can click on any of these images to see a bigger photo with more detail.

1956 Cleveland High School Year Book A very cute photo of the Spring Student Council. I love the dresses and glasses in this shot.

* * *

Principal Malo Portland, ORA snazzy-looking principal—Mr. Malo!

* * *

Vintage Cleveland High School YearbookIntro to the Senior Class section.

* * *

Senior Class Vintage Photo 1956Close-up of the photo from the page above. Again, love the dresses and the eyewear!

* * *

Cleveland High 1956 Senior Class PortlandFirst page of senior portraits.

* * *

This is Nancy. I love her style! She is so beautiful—reminds me a bit of Louise Brooks.

This is what it says about her on the page: “Always ready for fun. Student Body Treasurer; Pi Upsilon Vice-President; Sorosis Joint Vice-President; Deltoria Representative-at-Large; Red Cross Secretary; A Capella; Freshman Chorus; Girls’ Glee; Room Representative; E.E.; Legend; Style Show; Operetta; Bank Teller; Swimming; Tennis; Rhododendron Show; Freshie Frolic; Junior Prom; Oregon State.

I wonder what she’s up to now? She must be about 71 or 72.

* * *

Vintage Yearbook Lost & Found Apparently back in the day, there was a group of students who ran the Lost & Found. Nowadays the schools just dump all the lost shit in a big pile somewhere for anyone to sift through.

* * *

Write OnThis is the page I found in the photo album. It’s a flyer for a publication called the Rainbow Review. They were looking for students’ articles, poetry, photographs and art for the cultural section, fraternity affairs, national affairs, and campus affairs. I really love the photo in this flyer (see bigger version below).

* * *

Write On Rainbow Review 1971 Hell yeah! This is so Revenge of the Nerds meets Rushmore.

* Where I saw Menomena & the Thermals play few years ago.

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