Basement Isaac Layman{Basement, 2009, Isaac Layman}

This was my favorite piece of art I saw in Seattle yesterday. In a nutshell, this is what I love about it:

This work is huge (55″ x 34″) and it demanded my attention from the moment I walked into the gallery. The gold, silver, and translucent glass of the antique doorknob against the crisp white backdrop of the door is breathtaking, and the overall composition of the piece is beautiful.

When I got up close to the work, I saw the microscopic details of the doorknob—every scratch, chip, and blemish—and it made me love the piece even more. I wanted to know the story behind each of those imperfections. Objects that are so old have seen so much, and I’m always curious about their stories, even though their stories are impossible to know.

The image also brings to mind antique Christmas stars, hypnotism, Alice in Wonderland, heading towards the white light, and my favorite Sock Monkey tale.


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