Meet Stitch Witchery, Your New Best Friend

I’ve been making aprons for over three years now. A combination of plenty of practice sewing these, and a bit of trial-and-error experimentation with my method has brought me to a place where I can make these babies pretty quickly without error, and without needing to double-check my steps.

However, the last step in my apron process has always given me a little bit of trouble. All the last step involves is finishing the waistband, and sewing the open seam in the back closed. It sounds simple enough, but it’s a little tricky, because of the rick-rack trim on the front.

I’m a perfectionist, and I make sure that my stitches never veer off of the rick-rack onto the fabric. As such, I have to sew the back waistband seam closed from the front. So I can’t see it as I’m sewing it. I have to depend on pins to keep it in place. And let me tell you, pins and me… we’re not exactly the best of friends. The pins somehow tend to let things slip around back there, and sometimes there will be parts of the back seam that don’t get stitched closed, and I have to go back and stitch them up. It’s sort of a pain.

Well, this week I made a huge discovery. I was working with some apron waistbands that were made from silky, slippery material, and there was no way I could even pin this stuff down. What’s a girl to do? That’s when I remembered I had bought some Stitch Witchery* at the Kitten awhile back, and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Holy. Smokes. This stuff is amazing. Instead of wrestling with unruly pins, all I did was put a little strip of it underneath the seam I was going to sew.

Stitch Witchery Aprons

Then I ironed it down, using plenty of steam.

Stitch Witchery Iron

And it totally holds everything in place! I was able to do my final stitching flawlessly and everything turned out perfect. So now I am using it on all my aprons, not just the ones with the silky waistbands, and I’m excited about it!

* I admit I really love the name Stitch Witchery, and I love saying it too. Kudos to the marketing genius who thought it up. Now all they need is a rad witch logo to ago along with the awesome name.

2 Responses to Meet Stitch Witchery, Your New Best Friend

  1. Sarah Costa says:

    I LOOOVE that stuff for everything too! I even use washable elmers glue rather than pins at times ;-)

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