Saying Goodbye to an Era (Not to a Part of Myself)

About a month ago I came to a very difficult conclusion—I was going to sell my drum kit. Yes, the drum kit that:

• I had since I was 18
• I hauled on and off stage hundreds of times
• Traveled hundreds of miles with me on various west coat tours with my beloved Jolenes
• I said I’d never sell

Girl DrummerI hadn’t played those drums since August of 2007. They’d been sitting in my garage collecting dust for three years. And I knew that I could really use the money this summer while I’m on break from school. So why was it so hard to think about letting them go at first?

Sure, they’d been with me for a freaking decade. In some ways, they were a symbol of my early 20s, and in that way, I had a sentimental attachment* to them. However, when I thought about it, if that drum set and a brand new, better set were both sitting in front of me, and I got to choose only one… guess what? I’d choose the kick-ass new set. So, while it’s true that I had fond feelings for my drum kit, I would have no issues with replacing it, if and when the opportunity came about.

Chick DrummerI think what was really at the core of saying goodbye to my drum set was that in some ways, it felt like I was saying, “Ok, I’m not a drummer anymore.” This really hit home when a friend of mine asked if I was retiring from drumming upon hearing the news.

But that’s just silly. I’m no less of a drummer today without a drum kit, than I was six months ago, or even five years ago with a drum kit. After all, I could sit down at any drum set, and pound out a beat, right? Being a musician is like being an artist. It’s something within you that doesn’t just go away.

Female DrummerBesides, I’m not putting away my drumsticks forever. I love drumming and making music. It’s just as this point in my life, I’m focusing my energy on other creative outlets. I know that I can return to drumming at any time, and know in my heart that I will at a later point in my life.

Until then, here I am with no drum set. But let it be known that I am still a drummer. It’s just a part of who I am.

* I did, however, keep the coffin-shaped case I used to carry my drum sticks in. I feel like this is enough of a memento to remind me of the years I spent drumming my heart out in the Jolenes.

2 Responses to Saying Goodbye to an Era (Not to a Part of Myself)

  1. Cori says:

    one of my derby girls went to your sale and mentioned you were selling your drum kit and i was like “WHAT?!”… only with more exclamation and shock. ha

    now, that being said, i completely understand your point cause regardless of whether i have or have not put on my skates in the last couple years, i am, and will always be, a derby girl.

    cheers to making space for new things in life. *loves*

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Ha ha. Yeah, I think it shocked a lot of my friends. I would feel weird and sad about selling my kit if I was throwing in the towel for good, but I know that’s not the case, so it’s fine.

      And you’re totally right about derby! That’s exactly what I’m talking about :)

      *loves back*

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