My New (Awesome) Coat

I know it’s the middle of summer and all, but I’m super excited about my new winter coat!

I recently won a Nordstrom gift card. Upon hearing the news of my great luck, my mind went to these thoughts first:

• Wow! I can go buy a bunch of awesome MAC makeup!
• Ooooh! Shoes! I could get a kick-ass pair of boots!
• Or a sexy, kick-ass fitted leather (or faux leather) jacket*
• Actually, I should use the whole thing to buy a bunch of black tank tops**

Then I heard that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was going on (what great timing!) and so I hopped on their website to see what was going on.

I was most excited about the prospect of a kick-ass leather(ish) jacket, so I wandered over to the coat section first. I immediately spotted this, which is pretty much exactly what I had in mind. Huzzah!

Guess Faux Leather Jacket

Then I kept browsing, and that’s when I spotted this lovely wool number, and I remembered how I have been telling myself for the past few years that I need a new winter coat.

I remembered the huge hole in my current coat’s left pocket, and how the coat’s lining finally came apart on the right arm seam sometime in January. I remembered how I’ve had to replace the buttons on it a few times over the years, and how I noticed how grossly limp it has become after being worn for seven winters in a row. I also remembered how much I hated not having a hooded coat after taking public transit every day to school last winter. Let’s just say soggy bangs make me grumpy.

Yesterday I went to try on that lovely green and plaid wool coat, and it fit like a dream. I put the big hood over my head in the dressing room and became giddy when I saw that it would even protect my bangs from the months and months of rain we have here in Portland.

So, of course, I had to bring it home with me—but not before trying on that sexy faux leather number, just for kicks and giggles.

* Which I do need in my wardrobe, BTW. I’ve been thinking that for the past few months.
** The black tank is wardrobe staple that is worn year round. I really need to replace a lot of mine that have been starting to fall apart.

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