Victorian Cats Postcard Get Well Soon

Oh my. I’ve been so sick since Tuesday morning. Like super weak, sleeping most of the day, incredibly nauseous, writhing in pain, and my body isn’t doing anything pretty type of sick. I’m pretty sure it was food poisoning.

I’m still not operating at 100% yet, but I am glad to be feeling like I’m on the mend.

Tuesday was the worst of it, and yesterday morning I was relieved when I was feeling better enough to drink some Gatorade. I usually never drink sugary drinks, but I always make an exception for grape Gatorade when I’ve been sick, and unable to drink or eat anything for a long time. It’s totally my chicken soup comfort when I’m feeling horribly ill.

What comforts you when you’re sick?

2 Responses to Blerg.

  1. Stephanie says:

    Gatorade is good in this case because it will restore the fluids you are losing by not being able to eat or drink anything. Plus electrolights…electrolites…whatever.

    I hate being sick. I like to eat comfort food…it always makes me feel better. fav has got to be my potato soup…too bad when I’m sick I don’t feel up to making it.

    Feel better sooooon!!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Thanks Stephanie xo

      Yes! Electrolytes! Gatorade is okay when I’m sick because I need the electrolytes :)

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