FOUND: Old Tour Mementos

I was digging around in my basement this past weekend and I found a few mementos from touring with my old band.

First up, we have this photo of me from August 2003. My friend and bandmate Jake took this photo, and I believe we were at a club called the Garage. I know for sure we were in L.A. As you can see, I used to have short, messy hair, and wore MAC Russian Red lipstick all the time.

Candy Jolene 2003

Then I found this old set list inside my coffin drumstick case. I’m pretty sure this was from our last tour ever in 2006. The words written in Sharpie is Jake’s handwriting, and the stuff written in ballpoint pen is Katy’s handwriting.

When I spotted my stick case in the basement, I had to open it to see if it still smelled like Bubble Yum, but sadly, it did not. There was a brief period of time when I used to chew gum and blow big big bubbles while I was drumming on stage. I used to keep the packs of Bubble Yum in my coffin case with my sticks, earplugs, and drum key.

Jolenes Set List

And finally, a diary entry from our 2004 summer tour that reads:

06-20-2004 | 11:24 a.m.
Right now I am in L.A. It is cloudy and cool and we are about forty minutes away from a six-hour drive to SanFrancisco.

• I have two and a half pages of funny tour quotes.
• My official tour camera has three pictures left on it.
• I went swimming and hot tubbing for the first time in shit….I don’t know how many years.
• I am a bit homesick. I miss Nattie a lot.
• It’s true what they say about city birds. They really do adapt their chirping to sound like car alarms. I heard it this morning at about four.
• Rachel is the funnest girl ever. She also makes a great body guard on the road.
• Jake is still the friend I need to hang out with more when I get home. He is so fucking awesome it boggles the mind.

That’s all for now. I’ve got to finish up this rock tour strong and sassy.


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