My New Workspace

My friend Jess had a big moving sale last weekend, and she awesomely set aside her drafting table for me. So Chas and I brought the table home on Saturday, and I spent most of Monday and Tuesday cleaning out my studio area, making room for my new workspace.

Drafting Table

I was sort of nervous about adding more furniture to our already packed apartment. After all, I wasn’t getting rid of my sewing desk or any of my shelving units. The drafting table was just an additional space for me to use for constructing projects—a place that wasn’t the kitchen table or the floor.

After cleaning out my messy studio space, rearranging some things, and bringing some stuff down to the basement storage unit, I realized it was all going to work out. I actually really love the new setup. I thought it would make things look more cramped, but somehow it seems like there’s more room, and the area looks less cluttered in general.

The table is set up right next to a big window, which means there is plenty of natural light to work with during the day. This also means it will be a great place to take photos for tutorials and such. Huzzah!

Drafting Table

And look—an organized fabric stash! Normally the fabric is just sort of shoved in those cubbies all nilly-willy.

Organized Fabrics

2 Responses to My New Workspace

  1. Jess says:

    looking good! glad to get a peak at the table’s new home.

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