I Made A Skirt!

Remember when I talked about making handmade clothes for summer way back in February? Well, my plan didn’t really pan out. School got nuts, spring break was only a week long, and then when I returned to school for spring quarter, my workload got even nuttier. Those thirty minutes I thought I could spare each week were nowhere to be found.

But that’s ok! On Friday night I finally cut out my pattern pieces and fabric pieces, and I spent a few hours making a skirt on Saturday:

I used a really cute & summery vintage gingham fabric I found at the Knittn’ Kitten awhile back. The dark purple bits are actually flocking! Here is a close-up of the print:

Vintage Flocked Fabric

It felt good to make a project just for me. I haven’t made any skirts since I first started sewing four years ago. This time around, I was determined to learn how to put in a zipper the right way, and I succeeded!

I want to make another skirt, and a dress*. I haven’t made a dress for myself in years, either.

Then once I’m all warmed up** in the handmade clothing arena, I’m going to make Nattie a simple, black, sleeveless corduroy dress for her birthday. She’s really into Emily the Strange right now, and I know she’d flip out over a black dress just like Emily’s. I already ordered kids-sized black and red striped tights to go with it!

* Possibly two dresses, if the first one’s construction goes smoothly.

** I could sew a tote bag, some panties, or an apron perfectly with my eyes closed, but skirts, pants, shirts, and dresses are another story all together.

2 Responses to I Made A Skirt!

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love it…and flocking? i die.

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      I was so excited when I found the vintage flocked fabric. It’s in like-new condition too. I love the Knittn’ Kitten. If you ever visit Portland, you must go there!

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