Craft Fair Display Options

So Crafty Wonderland is coming up in 10 short days, and the closer it gets, the more I am convincing myself to bring a stash of my paper garlands. Here’s the thing though—how in the heck am I going to display them?

My current setup uses this really cute vintage children’s play fridge, which I really love, but it’s super compact.

Vintage Kids Fridge

I’m not sure how I would be able to display the garlands on this thing, you know? Packaging them, and having a small book of photos to look at could work in theory, but I think I would still need at least one garland out on display to get people interested, and to help them understand what they are looking at.

I have one of these cute metal display trees from IKEA. I thought about maybe getting another one, so I could drape a garland between them on a regular ol’ table. However, I don’t think IKEA carries these anymore, and I haven’t been able to find any for sale online.

Maybe I could make some sort of contraption out of thin, painted dowels that could extend upwards from each of the open refrigerator doors on my current display, and drape the garland between those. Perhaps that would work.

Hmmmm. I’m sort of stumped at the moment. So, dear readers, I must ask…

Have you seen any cute craft fair displays lately? Especially ones that are displaying garlands or banners? I’d love to know what you’ve seen lately.


One Response to Craft Fair Display Options

  1. Stephanie says:

    You should definitely take your banners!! I haven’t seen any on display lately BUT I was thinking the same thing about the dowel rods extending upwards from the fridge doors. OR what about those expandable clothes drying racks that you can pick up at Walmart? They are wooden so you could paint them to match your fridge and you could drape a handful of the banners across the front side of it….maybe if you put it where customers could see both sides you could drape the banners on both sides and really be able to showcase you whole line! Good luck!! <3

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