A Robin’s Nest!

Robin's Nest Portland

See that? There is a half-built robin nest on the ledge of our dining room window.

Last Wednesday during dinnertime, I opened the dining room blinds, looked outside, and noticed a pile of twigs and moss and a few little bits of what looked like very thin strands of paper piled up on the window ledge outside.

I said, “Wow. It kinda looks like something’s building a nest right there.”

Then Chas said, “Yeah, I thought I heard some commotion out there today, like there was some sort of small animal on the roof or the window ledge.”

Then Thursday morning during breakfast, the blinds were closed, and I heard the flutter of wings against the glass. Very slowly and carefully, I lifted up one tiny section of the blinds, and found a robin staring back at me! She waited a second, then flew to the tree right by our window, where she began picking off little bits of leaves and twigs for her nest!

I came home from school on Thursday afternoon, I found her nest to be taking better shape than before. I became really excited, and began to hope that she wouldn’t get scared off, because I would love to see eggs and baby birds so up close this spring.

On Friday, it appeared that no changes were made to the nest, and I began to worry.

Chas and I took off for the weekend, and I hoped I would come home to find more work done on the nest, but it looks the same as it did on Friday afternoon. I think the robin got spooked and abandoned her half-finished home. Bummer.

Still, it was an exciting experience to watch a bird nest form on our window ledge, even if for just a few days.


2 Responses to A Robin’s Nest!

  1. D: so sad that she does not seem to be coming back. That is mightily lame. or maybe she’s just setting herself up with multiple realty options…

  2. Jen Peterson says:

    I actually have a robin’s nest right outside of my bedroom window. Robins do get spooked easily.. the one outside of my window always hops away when she sees me peeking!

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