Iced Tea

I love coffee, but if I drink a lot of it, my system wigs out. After practically living off the stuff to get through finals week, I told myself I was going to cut back on the coffee. So what have I been drinking instead? Tea. And I’ve been obsessed with it over the past few weeks.

Yesterday I made my first batch of iced tea, which made me feel excited like summer is finally on its way.

Making iced tea is super simple. I used this recipe, and I didn’t use any kind of sweetener*. So all I did was boil two cups of water, pour it over four tea bags (three regular green tea & one ginger-peach green tea), let it steep for about 20 minutes to make a concentrate, toss out the bags, transfer the concentrate to a two-quart container, and then fill the container up with cold water. The verdict? DELICIOUS!

I really want to experiment with iced tea over the next few months, and see which flavors come out the best. I also wonder if I should follow the same recipe to make black iced tea, or if the recipe needs to be adjusted. Does anyone have any favorite iced tea recipes they’d like to share? I’m all ears.

* Because I’m hardcore like that.

4 Responses to Iced Tea

  1. Stephanie says:

    Last summer I tried mint iced tea with spearmint and apple mint from my garden. It didn’t really have too much taste. I think maybe apple mint (or even mountain mint) steeped with regular green tea bags would be good.

  2. jess says:

    Earl Gray Iced Tea is delicious. Add a little lemonade & do an arnold palmer which is classic too.

  3. I have the BEST ICED TEA in the universe. You can get it in bulk from Kobos. Next time you come over I’ll have to force some on you.

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