Summer Shoes

So here’s the deal: I can’t wear socks once the temperature hits 80 degrees. It’s just one of those things that’s physically impossible. If I wear socks in hot weather, my feet get all hot, sweaty & swollen, and then I’m just miserable and incapable of doing much of anything.

I tend to wear a lot of sandals in the summer, or my beloved ballerina flats. Sometimes, though, I need something more sneaker-ish.

A few years ago I found a really rad pair of simple black canvas Rocket Dog flats on the cheap*, and then I wore the hell out of them. They were so comfortable! But last year they began to stink. They stunk really, really bad. Like, they made my feet smell like death and cat piss every time I wore them. Nasty, I know. As much as I hate to see them go, the time has come to replace them.

So about three weeks ago, I put a few eBay searches into my RSS feeder, and began casually searching around the interwebs, but there really isn’t much out there in regards to simple black Rocket Dog flats.

I just want something plain black that will go with everything. I don’t want anything with a pattern on it like this:

Plaid Flats

Or anything donning any sort of bow or buckle like this:

Grey Flats w/ Bow & Buckle

Or anything trying to be fancy and sporty at the same time like this:

Ugly Rocket Dog Mary Janes

No, I just want cute, plain, black canvas flats that will keep my feet cool in the heat, and won’t chew up my back heels or give me blisters. I’m not even stuck on getting Rocket Dogs. I just trust them since my last pair were so perfect.

So… have you seen anything around lately that fits the description of my desired summer shoe? If so, please be a dear and let me know what you’ve seen around.

* Thank you, Columbia Gorge Outlet Mall.

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