I Like You Stephanie Brachmann

Swoops BrachmannName: Stephanie “Swoops” Brachmann
Location: Portland, OR (in the northeast sector)

How we met: Christine & I were buddies in middle school in our culturally-deprived hometown. We recognized in each other a longing for a more creative lifestyle somehow, somewhere. We also both were striving to someday be rockstars.

What you do: I tend to do many things, so bear with me.

I curate a very small art space in the Alberta neighborhood called Emerson Space Case. We show adventurous art by local artists, in hopes of stirring up new ideas, and giving the passers-by something to
look at on the way to the market or the bus stop.

I make greeting cards out of repurposed & vintage materials, and sell them at shops that sell such things.

I dabble in many projects here and there, like photography (digital & old-timey alike), printmaking (woodcuts, linocuts), illustration, collage, fiber arts, bookmaking, creative writing, playing guitar & accordion. You name it, I’ve probably dabbled.

As for the logical side of things, I have two jobs right now. One is teaching arts & crafts to elementary school kids, and the other is working at a guest house for families whose children are in the hospital.

And for fun, I enjoy riding bikes, poking campfires, growing vegetables, trying new foods, and enjoying the occasional rousing night of karaoke.

What inspires you most when you create: I like the feeling of creating something that will surprise and delight the audience or the recipient. I love making cards and gifts for people. I am also inspired by the kids to whom I teach art, and how free-flowing they allow themselves to be in their way of looking at the world and creating art. As we get older, most of us lose our ability to come up with endless ridiculous and bizarre ideas the way children do. This is a quality I’d like to regain.

List of 5 things you’re digging at the moment:
• Making roasted sweet potatoes/yams (then eating them)
• Listening to old gritty reggae music
Finding old paperback books with hilarious cover art & titles
• Victorian Hair Art, especially this lady talking about it at her museum.
• Reading the original stories of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Magical! And so much more gruesome than you might expect.

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