Flapper Girl + Memento = <3

I’m am so very excited to announce that you can now find the Flapper Girl line at Memento (formerly Greg’s on Hawthorne). I have been shopping at this boutique for years, and it is definitely one of my favorite Portland gems. The fact that Memento is carrying my line now is a bit surreal and incredibly awesome—sort of like your super secret crush asking you out to the prom.

Photo by Eph Zero on Flickr

Here’s what Flapper Girl goodies you’ll find at Memento:

• Flapper Cupcake Toppers
• Vintage-Inspired Floral Cameo Pendants in peach, blue, and BRAND-SPANKING-NEW color combos: purple and red!
• Garlands: Vintage Carnival, Retro Cameras, Flappers, French Boudoir, & Art Deco Bibliophile.
• Hair Pin sets made from vintage buttons and vintage plastic flowers. The bright colors in these really pop, and are the perfect accessory for adding a splash of color to your spring & summer wardrobe.

Memento is located at 3707 SE Hawthorne Blvd. in Portland, Oregon.

2 Responses to Flapper Girl + Memento = <3

  1. suze says:

    Hurray! Since moving to PDX, this has been one of my fave places to shop (much to the detriment of my checking account) and your stuff is such a perfect fit for it. I foresee a trip to Hawthorne, a Flapper Girl Halloween … and a winter of eating ramen! ; )

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