Stuff I’m Digging at the Moment

The Adam Carolla Podcast. Adam Carolla is a funny, funny dude.

Old-School Metallica. Chas has been on a metal kick lately, and I’m enjoying the ride. I haven’t listened to early Metallica since high school. It still rocks just as hard as I remember.

Vintage Office Supply Packaging. I’ve always loved vintage office supplies, and I was reminded again how awesome old office supply packaging design is while Chas & I were in the Dalles last week. The Red Wagon had some rad specimens, and we picked up a few packages of gummed reinforcements. I particularly fancy this package:

Ace Gummed Reinforcements

It makes me want to create a retro sexy secretary garland!

My Skully Rainboots. The weather has been absolutely dreadful this week, and I hate acquiring soaking wet feet on my walk to the train in the morning. Thank goodness I have cute protective footwear!

Skully Boots

Green Tea with Soy Milk. I love green tea, and I’ve been drinking it with honey and lemon for years. It is delicious. Recently, though, I’ve been drinking it with a splash of soy milk instead of lemon. It is so. damn. good. It reminds me a little bit of green tea ice cream. Yummy!

What sort of stuff are you digging at the moment?

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