Flapper Shoes

I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of affordable flapper shoes since 2003. Much like the reindeer sweater, this item has been filed away in my brain under ‘Things I Want That I Hope to Find Someday.’

A few weeks ago I checked out Flapper Era Fashions from the library, and began actively lusting after jazz age shoes again after browsing through all the vintage shoe ads from the 1920s.

Flapper Shoes

I tried to push away my thoughts about prancing around in a pair of flapper kicks, though, because any contemporary shoes I’ve seen in the past few years that fit the bill have been insanely out of my budget.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled across these shoes last weekend on a clearance rack:

Modern Flapper Shoes

Modern Flapper Shoes

Modern Flapper Shoes

There was one pair left in size 8. I almost didn’t try them on because I tend to wear a size 8.5-9 . Then I thought about the recent conversation I had with my friend Noel about how it’s strange that a decade ago, we both wore size 9-9.5, and now we find that we can fit into smaller shoes.

Our reasoning wasn’t that our feet were getting smaller, but rather, that shoe companies were sizing shoes differently, to make women feel better about their large feet. I have no idea if there is any truth to our theory or not, but recalling that conversation made me decide to at least try the flapper shoes on in the store.

Low and behold, I was both amazed and pleased as punch that the shoes fit perfectly! It was a match made in shoe heaven, and I gleefully brought home the pair of sexy size eights.


4 Responses to Flapper Shoes

  1. As a person who used to run a shoe department, you are correct in your findings that shoe manufacturers have been slowly resizing shoes because there are more and more women with larger feet. The downside is all those ladies who had small feet to begin with now have to shop in the kid section, and those styles don’t always pair well with adults.

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      That is crazy, and it’s good to know my inclination was correct. I will be sure to let my friend Noel know that her and I are smart cookies :)

  2. cori says:

    those shoes are AMAZING! i love them! How lucky for you!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Thanks! It was about time I had a good find. It had been too long since I found something fabulous and cheap!

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