Spring Break

Photo by DrBurtoni on Flickr

I’m so glad it is finally spring break! Due to finals at school, last week was equal parts nuts and intense with a few dashes of stress mixed in. Now winter quarter is officially over, and I have a whole week off. It’s not all bon-bons, loungewear, and trashy TV over the next seven days, though. I still have a lot going on:

• I’m putting together an order of pendants, hair clips, flapper cupcake picks, and garlands for one of my favorite boutiques in Portland (more about that later).
• I’m unveiling a new vinage-inspired medical curiosity garland later this week!
• I’m taking a quick, relaxing, overnight trip to the Columbia River Gorge with my sweetie.

We had originally planned to go to Chicago for spring break, but decided to wait until summer. We thought about going up to Seattle for a few days, or perhaps the coast, but it all sounded a little too familiar. So we opted for a place we’ve never explored in the gorge, which will get us out of town on the cheap, and provide us with some much needed relaxation. I’m excited!


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