I Like You Jess Hirsch

Jess Hirsch

Name: Jess aka Deer Beard
Location: I am living in Portland Oregon for the time being, but come June I will be most likely in my natural habitat, the midwest.

How we met: We met while trapped at PNCA for a Creative Suites Class. The professor was not showing up, but I did not care because I was making a new friend. During our long chat we discussed the struggles of managing a full time job and a creative business… and look at us now! No 40-hour work week and pursuing the dream.

Deer Beard WalletsWhat you do: Right now I am working on art full time… art in a loose sense. I spend my mornings normally working on sculpture and drawing and then every other day I like to sew. I dabble with print making, but after yesterday I may have to retire my screen. I think it has been burnt one too many times. All my screen printing and sewing are for my etsy shop, but I sell mostly prints at Deer Beard.

In the afternoon I teach art classes at Harrison Park School. The kids are amazing. Some of them have a better sense of color than I do, and every student is super creative. I am learning from them how to explore and play in my own work. It’s quite the amazing job.

[Note: Jess is amazing! She also runs a nomadic art gallery with her friend Jack called Home School, and is co-founder of the Portland Healing Project, which is an online resource for alternative medicine in Portland. PHP also coordinates monthly self-care workshops.]

Folk Feng Shui Jess HirschWhat inspires you most when you create:
What inspires me comes at random. I am really inspired by everyday life. I find a lot of inspiration while I am riding around on my bike. I like to watch people, document construction patterns, find nature in peculiar positions—anything that is awkward and out of place is my muse.

How this translates in my art, I am not quite sure. I do make a lot of object that are awkwardly arranged. My current project, Folk Feng Shui, is probably the most accurate realization of my inspiration. I rearrange furniture into sculpture in order to reshape the energy of the space.

My 2-D work stems from research as a way to educate myself. I had a professor once tell me that you can’t really see anything until you draw it, and I think there is a lot of truth in that statement. I draw things I want to memorize or understand better. My latest series of drawings were based on national animals and traditional patterns found within that country. I wanted to have a quick geography session and learn about patterns at the same time. They were up at Tilde last month and the response I have gotten from that show has been great. I think everyone has a child-like curiosity in that subject.

Jess Hirsch

5 things you’re digging at the moment:
• Curb Your Enthusiasm
Bon Iver‘s For Emma
• Wing Ming’s Herb Shop on 82nd Ave.
50 Backflips (My friend John’s photo blog… too good to be true)
• Poached Eggs on Toast (Inspired by Julie & Julia, as well as my father who is the master of poached eggs)


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