Favorite Crafts From Childhood

Well, dear readers, it is Friday. Let’s have some fun, shall we? I want to know all about the crafty escapades you had as a kid. Tell me about crafts that you loved to make when you were just knee high to a grasshopper.

For me, it was a lot of things.

When I was super little, between the ages of three and five, I loved to color. I used to enter the holiday coloring contests at the local grocery and drug stores, and I won top place for a lot of them! Sometimes the stores gave out prizes, like a stuffed animal or a small gift certificate. The whole process was a lot of fun, and I remember every time, after I finished meticulously coloring the page, I loved to embellish my masterpiece with glitter, fabric scraps, etc.

When I got a little older, I began writing and illustrating my own books. When I was seven, I was selected out of the entire first grade class at my school to attended the Young Author’s Conference. Jack Gantos was the special speaker; it was really rad. I still get a little sentimental about the whole thing every time I spot a Rotten Ralph paperback at a bookstore.

My first memory of sewing is from when I was around eight years old. My best friend Tasia and I were really into troll dolls, and we decided we were going to make wardrobes for all our trolls. We started off sewing all the clothes by hand, but one evening while accompanying my mother to Best Fabrics at the mall (which later went out of business and became a JoAnn’s), I spotted a children’s battery-operated sewing machine in the bargain bin for $5.

Through a combination of begging and sweet-talking, my mother bought it for me, and I was ecstatic about my new treasure, undoubtedly glowing the entire car ride home. Throughout the next few weeks, many-a-troll-doll got new duds. Then Barbies got new custom pillows and blankets. That little bargain bin sewing machine got so much use!

Then there was the phase where I got really into making my own board games*. I remember my favorite part of the process wasn’t so much making the individual components, but rather, coming up with the concept for each game, and seeing if the game was fun to play after it was finished. All the board games I made eventually got tossed out—as gallon-sized Ziploc bags full of about a million tiny pieces of paper tend to do—but I remember my favorite handmade game involved witches and collecting magic potions, and that one in particular was really fun to play. Even Tasia thought so.

I know at some point I made rainbow magnets out of plastic canvas and colored ribbon.

I went through a huge rubber stamping phase around 10. I could even use embossing powder like a pro.

I helped my mom paint wooden knick-knacks when she was really into her toll painting phase in the early ’90s. And I appreciate that she always let me raid her craft bins.

Does any of this sound familiar to your childhood? Or were your crafty experiences way different? I’d love to hear your stories!

*I’m pretty sure this was in fourth grade, when my friend Sarah and I would play the My Little Pony Game every time we hung out together. It played a big role in our sleepovers, as did the movie Hook. RUFIOOOOOOOOOO!

5 Responses to Favorite Crafts From Childhood

  1. Crazy! I remember doing a lot of these things myself, except for the $5 mini sewing machine, I just used my mom’s or hand sewed colorful fabrics to make my own Care Bears. The local Thriftway coloring contest winners were all randomly selected by the manager, so of course, I never won. I still have 95% of the books I wrote and illustrated and got to meet Jasper Tomkins in the sixth grade, which only fueled my desire to get published… which I still haven’t. I also still have the board games and RPGs and who-done-it mystery games I made, as well as my custom POGS. And instead of toll painting, I painted ceramics, and a lot of them, and sold them at Chistmas bazaars. I didn’t get into rubber stamping until I was an adult, but have a gazillion of the stamps and accessories in my craft room begging to be used again!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      That’s so rad that you saved so much stuff from your childhood. I know my mom and dad have quite a few of the things I made when I was little, but I have always been a crazy packrat, and there were times when my mom was just like, “There’s just not enough room for all this stuff!”

      I love that we made a lot of the same things. Genetics are so funny like that. And I think we both got the writing gene from Grandma Blystone :)

      I love reading your blog, btw! I subscribed to it via RSS awhile ago, and even if I don’t leave comments all the time, I read your new entries every day :)


  2. Diana says:

    I made paper dolls and paper doll clothes, paper doll food, paper doll furniture and a paper doll mansion.

    My first crocheted doily looked like a raw hamburger patty :)

    I only had one troll doll. It was glow in the dark with blue hair. And NAKED!!! I want a troll wardrobe too. Booo!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      I loved paper dolls when I was a kid, but I never made any of my own. I think I told you I even had a Princess Diana paper doll set ;) I did make little doll rooms out of shoe boxes and construction paper, though. That was always fun.

      I should ask my mom if she still has my troll dolls and their handmade clothes somewhere at my parents’ house. It would be a trip to see the what Tasia and I made!

  3. Mom says:

    In the 60’s the troll dolls were called “Wish-Niks”. I had 2. One with pink hair- one with blue. A group of us girls would get together and make the clothes and accesories. We also made “sleds” out of the long,plastic containers that tomatoes came in. Somehow we cut them just right and they had “runners” and everything. Very impressive! :)
    My love for sewing came from 7th Grade Home Ec. . I made a stuffed cat complete with embroidered features and I was hooked! My father bought me a used sewing machine. My first project was a “groovy” pair of “big” bell bellbottoms made from the pink chenille bedspead that I took right off the bed that day!( I wish I still had the bedspread now!!!)

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