I Like You Krysztof Nemeth

Name: Krysztof Nemeth, but you can call me Mr. Nemeth

Location: I live in Lawrence, KS.

How we met: LiveJournal, back when I had a longer attention span!

What you do: I am a pin-up artist, creating in Pen & Ink and Paper, creating my own depictions of non-mainstream Cuties.

I am a musician who currently plays Baritone Guitar in The Latenight Callers.

I am a music producer with a home studio that I record myself and others in.

I dabble in being an essayist and creative writer, although I don’t profess to be competent in either, I just do it for fun.

I am a scooter enthusiast, which is a major affliction.

List of 5 things you’re digging at the moment:
• The warm glow of a tube-amplifier
• The clank of a glass wand in a Gin and Tonic
• Getting lost in the creative process
• Women’s shoes
• Popcorn


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