Fresh Ideas & Vitamin D

I live in Portland, Oregon, which is known for its endless gray skies and excessively rainy winters—BUT—we’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather this week, which has been such an awesome treat. Blue skies, nice breezes, and glorious, uninterrupted SUNSHINE. It’s all supposed to end on Tuesday (ack!), but at least I’ve enjoyed it while it was here. We probably won’t see this type of weather again until May.

There is something about nice weather that really gets my creative juices flowing*, and I had an amazing, productive weekend.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I love making garlands. I enjoy getting sucked into spending so much time finding images for them, and I’ve really fallen in love with creating things with paper. Well, on Saturday I had a huge brainstorming session and came up with eight new vintage inspired designs I want to make(!).

I jotted down a ton of notes and sketches in my sketchbook, and immediately started going through all my vintage paper ephemera, finding things I can scan to use for these. On Sunday I fired up the scanner, busted out my camera, called upon my Photoshop skills and started working on everything.

All of this just felt like a huge breakthrough, especially since my paper garlands are the projects I make that most closely match to who I am. I’m very excited to immerse myself in these projects. I realized that even the process of finding the images and objects for the garlands are going to help me reconnect to things I love like combing through antique malls and estate sales for weird, old paper goods.

You know that warm-fuzzy feeling you get sometimes when things just seem to come so easily, and your mind and body seem to operate on a natural flow, finding their own groove along the way, and you seem to be achieving something without any snags or obstacles? It was one of those types of creative weekends. So refreshing!

Plus I’m so freaking excited about the new garlands, and I can’t wait to show you when they’re all done!

*Maybe it’s all the vitamin D.

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