I Like You Demo Fregosi

Name: Demitri (Demo) Fregosi
Location: Bright sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico

How We Met: I was the Art Director at the Portland Mercury alt weekly and Christine was the Web Editor. When I left the paper and Christine was one of the few people that stayed in touch, we became friends. We worked on some Flapper Girl stuff together and trade bitterness about our old jobs sometimes.

What You Do: These days I am Art Director at a Santa Fe arts magazine called the Santa Fean, part time sometimes Art Director for the Ace Hotel, and general poster guy for lots of different places. I also have a real soft spot for helping out my friends for free.

What inspires you most when you create: Mostly just other people’s work. I really like looking at other things out there that other people have done and figuring out why I love it, then trying to get the same feelings in my work. It’s hard, ’cause everyone starts to seem a lot better than me and then I get discouraged. Also, I watch a lot of television from the 80’s, but it would be difficult for me to say that it is very ‘inspiring’.

List of 5 things you’re digging at the moment: I really am loving posters by Sasha Barr in Seattle. Also, my old Index Publishing Comrades Jen Davison and Corianton Hale are always doing awesome things. In a non-design way, I am really enjoying reading the new Malcom Gladwell collection and trying to figure out how to turn our creepy basement into a decent boxing gym. Lastly, I have recently re-discovered the surreal beauty of the Adventures of Pete & Pete. That is the world I want to live in.

Where to find you: popularmonster.com is the best way to check me out. In a strictly platonic way, please. My heart belongs to another.


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