Kick-Ass Soaps

I’ve gone on a bit of a soap binge lately.

It all started when Jackie of Scrumptious Suds was my booth neighbor at the Secret Society Sale back in November. I ended up buying two bars of soap from her, and that was all it took to reignite my soap addiction.

Below are the soaps I currently have in my stash.


I’m naturally attracted more to scents that are spicy, woodsy, or herbal, as opposed to those that are fruity or flowery. I think one of the reasons why Arcana is my all-time favorite soap company is that they offer a lot of the types of scents I prefer. Plus they score big points for making the only perfume I can wear*.

Joy (Limited Edition): This is the bar that’s currently in my shower. Arcana describes it as “a blend of bubbly champagne and hard apple cider with sugar, creamy caramel and marshmallows.” It’s spicy and warm, like a holiday soap should be.

Lady Lamb Soap
Lady Lamb: Arcana describes this one as smelling like “rich yellow gateau, strawberries, dark clove, vanilla, champagne, and a mad little dash of mint.” Again—spicy, yummy goodness.

Murder Ballad Blues Soap
Murder Ballad Blues: Whenever I smell this one, I instantly think of springtime, and I plan on busting it out in a few months when things begin to look pretty outside. Arcana describes this soap as being scented with the essence of “wild Appalachian blackberries and sugared mountain violets with hints of dark earth and guilty secrets.”

The Goat House

The Goat House has this amazing deal where you get five bars of their soap for only $20. And you get to pick the scents!

The Goat House Soaps

This set was a recent acquisition. I went with Earl Grey, Cedarwood Clove, Rosemary Mint, Bergamot Sage, & Mint Clove as my bars of choice. They all smell wonderful. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I’m definitely going to choose one of these as my next bar of soap as soon as the bar of Joy runs out. I’m really curious about the whole goats milk base in these.

Pop Ink

My husband tucked a bar of the Bathing Beauties soap into my Valentine’s Day gift package this year. It has a really lovely verbena-lavender scent to it, and it is really pretty to look at, too.

Bathing Beauties Soap

Bathing Beauties Soap Back

*I’m going to experiment with another scent this spring. When I was at the Portland Halloween Bazaar in October I picked up a bottle of Hovenia by the Portland Black Lipstick Company. PBLC’s Hovenia scent is a combination of rose, lemon, neroli and clove. Yum! So it’s a little spicy, but light and rosy. I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this way, but when it comes to “personal scents” (as my friend Katy would say), I tend to find them to be seasonal. I absolutely love Filthy Viking, but it is more of a fall/winter scent to me. In spring and summer, it just doesn’t feel right wearing it. So I’m excited to try out Hovenia. I’ll let you know how it goes.

2 Responses to Kick-Ass Soaps

  1. Diana says:

    Scrumptious Suds started a soap addiction in me too :) I love soap that smells like dessert. Although, the idea of using soap that smells like food cracks me up sometimes.

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      It *is* pretty funny when you think about it :) Jackie is a really talented soapmaker! Hats off to her, for sure.

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