My Valentine

Vintage ValentineYesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I hope you all had a lovely one. Every year my husband and I exchange valentines and small gifts, and we always give our daughter a valentine and some fun treats too.

Ever since the time long ago when we realized we were crazy about each other, not a day has gone by where my husband hasn’t told me that I am beautiful, and that he loves me. I fall asleep in his arms every night, and we cuddle every morning before starting the day together. He supports and encourages me to follow my dreams, he’s a great dad, and the main chef in the house. He has a great sense of humor, and makes me laugh all the time.

For those reasons alone, I am a lucky girl, but there are an infinite number of additional reasons why I love my husband with all of my heart.

One of the things that is great about being married to someone who loves to write is receiving wonderful, heart-felt notes for each holiday. They’re so tender and meaningful, and they always make me cry. I keep all my cards and letters from him in a box, and every once in awhile I go back and read them all over again, and cry some more—happy tears, of course. There’s just something amazing about feeling an indescribable love for another human being, and knowing with every inch of your soul that it’s reciprocated 100%.


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