How To: Make a Vintage-Inspired Valentine

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and if you’re looking to make a heart-felt handmade valentine, you’ve come to the right place. I whipped up this tutorial on how to make awesome vintage-inspired valentines.

• An image of your choice, printed on card stock
• A blank piece of card stock
• White school glue
• Glitter
• Crepe paper (party streamer size) or tissue paper (any size)
• X-acto knife & cutting mat
• Ruler
• Round corner paper punch
• Hot glue gun & glue sticks

1. Cut out your image using an x-acto knife and ruler. Then trace the shape of your image onto your piece of blank cardstock and then cut it out, too. You should have two pieces of cardstock that are the same size.

2. Use your paper punch to round the corners of your image and blank cardstock.

3. Take your white school glue, and put a thin line of glue all the way around the outside of your image. Glitterize!

4. Allow the glue to dry. Feel free to do steps 5 & 6 while you wait.

5. Write a message to your sweetie on the blank card stock, if you’d like.

6. If you’re using tissue paper instead of crepe paper, cut enough long strips (approx. 1.5″ wide wide) to be able to make a paper ruffle around the back of your image (we’ll be using an altered accordion fold for this). For my image, I used two strips. I also gently made some wrinkles in the tissue paper to give it an extra dash of that vintage feel.

7. After the glue has dried, use the hot glue gun to glue one end of a paper strip to the back of your image like this:

8. Begin to do an altered accordion fold around the image like so:

9. Hot glue the folded paper down as you go. You want to make the paper ruffle go all the way around your image.

10. Using hot glue, you can either a) glue your other piece of card stock with your note on it (if you wrote one) to the back of the valentine, or b) just glue down the sides and bottom of the card stock to the back of the card, giving the valentine a pocket on the back where you can slip a love note, gift card, or other small gift, like so:

Voila! A simple, pretty, vintage-inspired valentine!

Vintage Inspired Flapper Valentine


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