I Like You Katy Sanford Simmons

Name: Katy Sanford Simmons
Location: Portland, OR

How we met: We met when you came to meet Christina and I to be in The Jolenes. You were a baby then*, and I remember just wanting a cute drummer with brown hair and big boobs! When we saw you, it was love at first sight!

What you do: I work for a marketing company and do events with bars to pay the bills. I am also a makeup artist, musician, and a DJ.

What inspires you most: Lots of things inspire me. I love makeup and music, so I can draw inspiration from anywhere with those things. I think that makeup and fashion-wise I am very inspired by the 70s, and vintage hair. I am inspired by old country artists like Dolly Parton, Bobby Gentry, Wanda Jackson, and Loretta Lynn (just to name a few). Both their fashion sense and music inspire me.

5 things you’re digging at the moment:
• My new faux chinchilla fur coat
• My teacher at beauty school; he is actually making school a blast!
• My new walk-in closet, in my new house, that I painted shimmery GOLD when we moved in.
• Boots (but my love for boots never dies)
Weeds (the Showtime series). My husband and I are watching it on DVD and its good. I am hooked!

*’Twas long, long ago in January 2003.

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