Breakfast Out

Last week I mentioned how wintertime is the perfect time for me to get a lot of work done. While this is true, if I don’t recharge my batteries when needed, everything begins to feel draining. It’s important to take a break here and there to have a little fun! So this weekend my husband and I did just that. We went on a really fun date on Saturday night, and on Sunday, we topped things off with having breakfast out.

I love going out to breakfast. It is just one of those little things in life that I really appreciate and savor. I’m glad that we live in Portland, which seems to be filled to the brim with breakfast joints. Even though we usually end up at one of our two favorite spots—Utopia Cafe and Detour Cafe—I like that we have options, for when we decide we’re feeling the urge to mix it up.

On Sunday we ended up at Utopia, which is nestled on Belmont Street, right next door to Noun—a cute, mostly-vintage curio boutique that shares its space with Saint Cupcake. Throughout the years, my husband and I have picked up some really great treasures at Noun, like this Meccano microscope set from the 1930’s.

Meccano Microscope 1930s

Nice tie, kid!

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