I Like You Nicole Slaw

Name: Nicole Slaw
Location: Winston-Salem, NC

How We Met: I was a passionate Jolenes-lover thanks to Myspace, and I’m not sure how exactly, but we started talking.

What You Do: I produce a monthly zine called Panic!, which includes interviews with musicians, painters, satirical essays, art pieces, recipes, and much more.

I have also recently tried crafting “seriously”—whatever that means. I was in my first craft fair last December and have craft stands in various establishments around Winston now.

I am also a waitress in a Southern Organic Home Cookin’ restaurant/art gallery called Breakfast of Course.

What inspires you most when you create: Nothing excites me more than when I find some great band or artist that I want to share with the world, which is basically why I have been making zines for years. I am also a big fan of spooky & cute things. I make a lot of sculptures of monsters, owls, spiders… all of which are friendly, of course!

List of 5 things you’re digging at the moment:
• Astronomy
• Crayola Air Dry Model Magic
• Tales From the Crypt
Todd Solondz movies (Happiness in particular)


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