More Wintry Things

ScandinavianWoodsWinter2Okay. So remember when I mentioned a few weeks ago how I was thinking about making a winter apron line? Well, this little seedling of a thought has now blossomed into a jungle of weeds that has completely consumed my brain. I’ve started my research, and I’m completely sucked in.

I have a few ideas jotted down in my notebook, as well as a few rough sketches. I went through my entire fabric stash, and plucked out anything I thought I could possibly use. I was delighted to find a few particularly wonderful fabrics I’d completely forgotten about. I checked out a ton of books from the library*, and this weekend I even watched the old Russian film Snegurochka (1968).

Snegurochka has some pretty awesome costumes and sets, but a little too much long-winded, boring singing if you ask me (thank goodness for the fast forward button on the remote). Check out these stills from the movie.


I’ve also had Yetis on my mind. So of course I felt a burst of excitement when I found a mini Treason figurine pack while browsing at Missing Link last night. I’ve been admiring the Treeson line for a long while now.

minitresson1 copy

These cute little guys now sit on my desk, providing me with constant wintry inspiration and motivation.

*These are the books I’ve checked out so far: Christmas in Ritual & Tradition, Christmas in Scandinavia, Scandinavian Legends & Folk-Tales (this book was published in 1956 and has some amazing illustrations in it. I think I may scan some and share them in a later blog post), and my personal favorite so far is Pagan Christmas: The Plants, Spirits, and Rituals at the Origins of Yuletide. This book has shed some light on the genesis of some of the most common things we associate with Christmas (such as the connection between Santa Claus and fly agaric mushrooms), as well as introduced me to many old myths I’ve never heard of (like Befana the Christmas Witch). I’ve been quite giddy about the things I’ve learned. I’ll share more about this as I unveil my aprons this winter.

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