Autumn Crushes

Yesterday was the first day of autumn, though you’d never know it here it Portland. It’s been in the 90s for a few days now, which is rare for this time of year in this part of the world.

The unusually hot weather hasn’t stopped me from crushing on some awesome fall treasures I’ve found on Etsy, though. Here are my current favorite items I wish would magically show up at my doorstep.


1. Vintage Fall Foliage Leaves Cat Eye Eyeglasses
2. The Pumpkin Witch Chenille Halloween Ornaments
3. Instant Cemetery Display
4. Halloween Camera Camera Case
5. Halloween Moon Wall Hanging
6. Karloff the Vampire Bat

What are some of the autumnal goodies you’re coveting at the moment?


One Response to Autumn Crushes

  1. hi there!
    I’d love to carry some of your Halloween goodies in the shop soon.. do you have time to swing by and bring over some items next week? Give me a call!
    (503) 231-7336

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