I Know, I Know, It’s too Early For This

Snegurochka_SmallI’m not much of a Christmas decor person*. That being said, I’m toying with the notion of creating a Winter Holiday apron line. This little seedling of a thought probably won’t ever take root, but I want to think about it anyway. I don’t know what direction this apron collection could take, but I’d like some input if you have any.

I keep getting drawn back to the Russian snow maiden, Snegurochka. So I’m imagining more of a mystical line of winter aprons, perhaps with a Victorian twist. I see white, cream, blues, silver, and possibly some earth tones, as opposed to red and green and Santa Claus.

I’m also finding myself drawn to red plaid, but I don’t know where that fits in.

Hmmmm. I’ll let these thoughts marinate for awhile and see what happens.

*Ok, so I like vintage Xmas lights, and those vintage winter villages made of cardboard and glitter that now go for an arm and a leg at antique stores. I dig the occasional kitschy doodad, like those rubber elf ornaments made in Japan, and I will always have a not-so-secret love affair with vintage reindeer Dream Pets, but for the most part, the buck stops there.

2 Responses to I Know, I Know, It’s too Early For This

  1. Stephanie says:

    I can see them in light blue and glittery tulle….or possible silver shimmery fabric. I think you could rock it vintage style without all of the tackiness of Hallmark Christmas.

    Maybe even a pink or white xmas tree on the pocket…

  2. Ella says:

    Think this is a great idea, people love to buy festive gear, whatever it is! Christmas is definitely a time for cooking, therefore a nice xmas apron could be just the thing, a nice wintery cute look whilst baking the mince pies :)

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