The Terrors of Rock & Roll

Tonight the fam took a trip to two nearby Goodwill stores, in hopes of scoring some Legos on the cheap for Nattie. She’s been obsessed with them lately, sitting in her room for hours building things like grocery stores, schools, and libraries from the colorful little bricks.

While we didn’t find any Legos, I did happen to stumble across this chapter book from 1988.


Hell. Yes. Check out that wicked cover! For a mere 99 cents, I couldn’t pass it up. Here is the synopsis from the back of the book:

They’ve stuck the right vein with a rock group called BLOOD. Now Samantha and her friends, with the help of Lupi and Drake, are aiming for the five hundred dollar prize in the Battle of the Bands. The little monsters have already launched a preview of their creepy “special effects” at the mall—hundreds of spiders unleashed upon the audience—stirring up a storm. Now an evil-looking man is hounding Drake for a magic potion. How can Samantha keep him away?

She may be a werewolf’s babysitter, but she’s scared by the menacing phone calls warning her off! Until Drake disappears, and Samantha and Lupi must spring into action to trap the kindnapper—before he gets away with murder!

There are three other books in the short series about Samantha Slade, monster-sitter. I’m not really sure how I missed out on these. Surely by 1990, when I would have been eight years old and the perfect age to get into Miss Slade’s tales of baby-sitting debauchery, they were still around and pretty hot, right? I don’t think kids books had quick cool-factor expiration dates back then.

P.S. Looking at the cover again, I want to know who their invisible drummer is.

P.P.S. For a deeper synopsis of the Samantha Slade series, check out the write-up on Branded in the ’80s.


One Response to The Terrors of Rock & Roll

  1. dotdotdot says:

    I just picked up a copy of this book myself, and the cover artist is Jody Lee. She’s actually still ilustrating, and although most of her stuff isn’t as fabulously glam as Samantha Slade #4, she still has a lovely portfolio.

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