Boot Lust

Lately I’ve definitely been able to tell that autumn is on the way. Meteorological battles are happening daily, where the dark, grey, windy dampness dukes it out with the bright, sunny, breezy blue sky. Sometimes they go back and forth all day long. I think it makes me a little skiddish. I’m really not ready for summer to be wrapping up yet. In fact, I feel like it just started. I love extended daylight hours, and I’m not looking forward to the darkness of fall and winter. My internet browsing history would prove otherwise, though, as I’ve had winter footwear on the brain.

I’m on the hunt for a good pair of black, stylish, lined boots to combat this year’s nine months of chilled-to-the-bone-sogginess. Every day I’ll be walking to the light rail train, then from Pioneer Square to PSU, then back again. I want shoes that will keep my feet dry and warm. And I refuse to wear Uggs*.

The frugal side of my brain keeps asking if should just buy a few pairs of really warm wool socks, and attempt to wear my big burly black leather boots instead? Would that be cheaper? Perhaps I should take a spin around the second-hand shops around town. All I know is that thus far, all the boots I really like are way out of my budget. Such as these:


So has anyone else caught the boot lust yet? Do you have any sort of fall/winter fashion on the brain? Or is summer still going strong in your neck of the woods?

*Uggs are so 2003, and besides, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in them back then, either.

4 Responses to Boot Lust

  1. leslie says:

    I broke out my boots for the first time today! By no means from climate necessity, as it’s blazing hot, but I was just ready to start boot season! I really want the Xanadu boots from Sugar Shoes- they slouch or go up to your thighs with cute!

  2. blacksabbatha says:

    i’ve been obsessed with wanting a pair of riding boots lately (as in the horseback riding boots that go over jodhpurs. the fact that I know that word is weird). damn my calves though and their inability to fit into most boots. I’m still hunting. I did get some sweet motorcycle boots at salvation army for $5, though, so thrift boot shopping sometimes bodes well!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Oooh, I like the idea of riding boots. Very cool.

      I can only hope the thrift store gods smile upon me in my hunt :) Thanks for the encouraging words.

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