Snippets: The Vintage Issue


The new issue of Snippets hit the virtual newsstand this morning, and I can’t wait to devour every morsel. The theme this month is the Vintage Issue, and it’s packed with all kinds of interesting tidbits and retro eye candy, such as…

RETRO PERFUME: Learn what was “in” then. Plus, enter for your chance to win some Posset’s perfume. By Fabienne Christenson.

QUEENS OF VINTAGE: Lena from Queens of Vintage talks about her love for all things vintage and retro. By Cat Morely.

RETRO PLEASURES: Celebrate the decades with fun things to do. By Denise V.

IRREGULAR CHOICE: Meet the creator of Irregular Choice shoes, Danny Sullivan. By Cat Morely.

Plus so much more!

You can even find a story I wrote in this issue that is all about vintage sewing machines. In this article, I talk about my experiences with my vintage machine, and offer up tips to those who have just acquired (or are thinking about acquiring) a vintage sewing machine.

Click here to view the entire Vintage issue of Snippets.


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