Kitty Cat Birthday Cupcakes & More

This past weekend Nattie had her 8th birthday celebration with a few friends from school. I made gluten-free chocolate cupcakes* topped with girly-colored frosting, sprinkles, and little plastic kitty cats.

Kitty Cat Cupcakes

I liked the way they turned out, and so did our little group of 8-year-old girls.

It was fun coming up with a craft for the kids to do at the party. I sewed up some simple bags out of pink felt, using ribbon for handles, and each girl got to decorate her own bag with felt hearts & flowers, buttons, etc. Then we filled each bag with little goodies Nattie picked out from Lippmann’s awesome bulk party favor section. I was impressed with the party favors Nattie chose to give her guests. Each loot bag contained:

• A fake bloody finger
• A plastic animal straw (either owl or squirrel)
• A small container of bubbles (in solid color containers)
• A mini magnifying glass
• A cute vintage-repro bird whistle
• A space-themed pop-a-point pencil
• A Japanese eraser shaped like an ice cream cone (in either vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate)

The party was a success, and it was sweet to hear Nattie keep saying how much fun she had after her guests left.

*We’re always trying out new gluten-free mixes. This time I tried out the gluten-free chocolate cake mix from Bob’s Red Mill. I had to add a lot of things that I normally don’t with pre-made mixes (vanilla & soy milk mixed with lemon juice to name a few), but the results were really great. These cupcakes turned out very fluffy and moist. We find that most gluten-free mixes, while totally delicious, tend to turn out a bit more oily and dense than conventional ones.


2 Responses to Kitty Cat Birthday Cupcakes & More

  1. leslie says:

    What a sweet party!

  2. Diana says:

    Mommies are magical!

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