Amazing Vintage Find: Walco Jewel Craft Kit

Yesterday afternoon Chas, Nattie, and I made a trip to Hollywood Reruns. Chas was pointing out all the owl knick-knacks to me when he spotted something sitting on top of an old dresser. He said, “Hey, check out that Jewel Craft box over there.”


I made my way over and took down the old cardboard box that was designed to look like it was made of maroon snake skin. What I found inside was incredible! It turns out it was an old Walco beading kit from the 1950s—and it looked like it was barely used! Almost all the supplies were tucked inside, most of which were either still nestled in their original packaging, or still attached to their display cards.

There were bracelet projects:


And necklace projects:



I found a spool of beading thread, a needle, packets of seed beads in various colors, a half-finished and forgotten about necklace, a yellowed set of instructions (which also advertised other kits available: Indian Beadcraft, Bead Gardens, Bead Jewelry & Marionettes, Corkin Bead Coasters, and Timberettes). I even found a small envelope covered in real lipstick kisses that contained some pearly seed beads and a few shells. Could they be leftovers from the Walco Sea Shell Jewelry Kit?



I could not believe my eyes when I saw the $5 price tag attached to this wonderful piece of craft history! I was still in disbelief when we took the item to the cashier, and she didn’t say, “Oh, this is supposed to be $50, not $5.” Yes, I got to take home the Walco Jewel Craft kit for a measly five smackers. This is the type of thriting experience that seems to magically erase all the days I come home empy-handed from vintage shops and estate sales.

VintageBeadKit_TOTAL VIEW


7 Responses to Amazing Vintage Find: Walco Jewel Craft Kit

  1. mae says:

    So incredible!! jealous.

  2. patpat says:

    What a lovely find. You lucky thing you.

  3. leslie says:

    Wow! That’s terrific :)

  4. jaesdesign says:

    That is one of the coolest vintage things I’ve seen! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Diana says:

    Why do you always find the stuff that I want?! So jealous. This is awesome!

  6. tina says:

    i just got the walco seashell jewerlry kit for a dollar at a yardsale….its says 1945….do you know the value?

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