Vintage Pinup Cupcake Toppers

One day, a few years ago, Chas was browsing through A Joyful Noise, when he came upon an awesome vintage black and white photograph of Ernie K-Doe with a titty cake. I decided right then that I would start a fun tradition of always making Chas some sort of sexy dessert for his birthday. In 2007, I made him a titty cake just like the one that made Ernie K-Doe smile for the camera decades ago. Last year, I bought him a single slice of chocolate fudge cake and put this cake topper on it. And today, I made these:


I got the idea from Susan‘s button cupcake topper tutorial, and just tweaked it a little. I have a big stash of mini playing cards that feature retro nude ladies on them, so I picked out 12 of the best cards, and just cut out the photos of the pinups. Then I hot glued them to the felt rectangles I cut out using pinking shears. I also added a back felt piece to each topper, to hide the part of the pick that’s glued onto the front felt pieces. For a final touch, I added some gold glitter glue accents to create some retro flair. Here‘s an up-close look at the construction.


Final note: If you live in the Portland area, the Decorette Shop is a wonderful, locally owned place to get all kinds of dessert decorating supplies. They have many vintage cake and cupcake toppers, metal cookie cutters, and other neat treasures. I bought the gold baking cups and sprinkles I used for this project there.


One Response to Vintage Pinup Cupcake Toppers

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love it! Great idea for your honey =) Mine would totally dig that too….and I’m sure his parents would love it if I showed up with a naked lady cake to birthday dinner! lol

    Thanks for stopping by to wish me well. <3

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