New Obsession: Vintage Baking Cups

My friend Amber came over last Friday, and we spent the afternoon together making knickers, laughing at stories we told each other, and just having a good time.

She surprised me with a late birthday treat—the vintage baking cups you see above. I had to take a few photos of this little amazing box of paper wrappings, so you could see the different illustrations on the sides. They’re mini cups (or, as you can see, the now non-politically-correct “midget” cups), and there are still a bunch in the box.

If you recall, I acquired this amazing box of vintage Betty Brite baking cups awhile back. Well, now with two boxes in my possession, I’m hooked! I’ve now officially started my vintage baking cup collection.

Thank goodness it’s rummage sale season, eh?

Note: You can click on any of the thumbnails above to see a more detailed image.


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