eBay: My Vice of Choice Since 2002™

I have such a love-hate relationship with eBay. I’ve gotten some really great deals on there throughout the years, and I’ve also gotten my heart broken plenty too. It seems for every score out there on eBay, there’s an item that just gets too expensive, is forgotten to be bid on in time, or ends up not being exactly what I thought it was upon being received.

Plus, eBay can be addicting! I’ve gone through phases in my life where I have been completely entranced by that darn website, spending countless hours searching and browsing. At one particularly rough time in my life, it became a nightly ritual. Retail therapy much? Yes, I know. Thankfully those days are behind me.

Over the years, I’ve learned to let expensive items go without a second thought, not be too disappointed when I forget to bid on something in time (yes, even when there are no other bids), and to really read item descriptions carefully.

I’ve also discovered the greatness that is saving eBay keyword searches to my Google Reader, but let’s save that whole topic for another day.

My point is this: eBay can be really great for getting cool things for a great price if you don’t get sucked into the evil trap. Such is my example I bring to you today. Awaiting for me in my mailbox this afternoon was this:

Morse Attachments 1

Morse Attachments 2

Yes, that’s right—sewing machine attachments for my vintage Morse sewing machine (all in excellent condition). This whole lot of goodies was only $7.99. I’m most excited about the ruffler. I can’t wait to play with it. I’m not quite sure what some of these babies do yet, but I’m excited to learn about what each of these is capable of when I sit down with my sewing machine manual tonight.


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