Swoony Vintage Eyeglasses

I collect a lot of things, but one of my favorite things to collect is vintage ladies eyeglasses. I started my collection back in high school when my mom helped her friend run an estate sale. My mom brought home a pair of vintage gray cat-eye sunglasses for me, and I was instantly hooked.

“Do they have any more like this?” I asked her.

“No sunglasses. Just some old black frames,” my mom replied, “Do you want them?”

Oh boy, did I ever! So my mom bought them for me, and although I’ve never put my prescription lenses in them, they’re still one of my favorite frames in my collection. Many frames followed my first pair, and my eyes still light up whenever I spot vintage eyewear at an estate sale or antique store.

I’ve found that small town thrift stores are the best places to find frames for cheap ($25 and under). The Little Antique Mall in Lincoln City smiled upon me FOUR times. I bought two pairs of vintage frames there for $24 each, one pair for $20, and another pair for only $12. The $12 pair can be seen here.

The most expensive pair of vintage glasses I’ve ever bought were $80. They’re my current specs, and I bought them in unused, mint condition (once upon a time they must’ve been a floor model at an Optometrist’s or Optician’s office) at Hollywood Vintage, which is where I always tell people to go when they’re looking for vintage glasses in Portland. They have a huge monstrous selection, and Jeffrey (Geoffrey?)—formerly of Glamour Gallery—will help you pick a pair that looks fabulous on you.

So, anyway, I brought all of this up because I’m seriously crushing on these swoony vintage frames for sale on Etsy.


If I had an extra $300 lying around that I could spend frivolously, this pair of glasses would be mine all mine. And I would wear them. Every day.


5 Responses to Swoony Vintage Eyeglasses

  1. meredith says:

    Oh sweetie, if I had the $ I would buy them for you! These are totally you!

  2. sp says:

    do you happen to know any good places to check further north near the coast or between there and portland? I’m heading that direction anyways and need some frames! :)

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Hmmm. Not that I can think of. Are you coming all the way to Portland? If so, go to Hollywood Vintage on NE Sandy Blvd. They have the best selection here in PDX. Hope this helps!

  3. sp says:

    the other way around.

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Oh! Ok. Yeah, I haven’t been to any antique stores over that way in a long time. There are a few places in Astoria and Long Beach (WA), but I don’t remember them having any frames.

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