This Wednesday: Gloomy Skies Make Great Softboxes at PNCA

I’m really excited and proud to announce that this Wednesday my husband Chas is giving a presentation on contemporary NW photography at PNCA. Here are the details:

In Gloomy Skies Make Great Softboxes, Portland art critic Chas Bowie surveys the state of contemporary Northwest photography, assessing the work of regional artists who are actively cultivating new photographic idioms and avenues of exploration.

The Pacific Northwest has a longstanding and multi-faceted engagement with photography, as evidenced in part by the legacy of Portland’s Blue Sky Gallery; Seattle’s acclaimed Monsen Collection; and Vancouver BC’s concentration of noted “photoconceptualists.” These disparate traditions are not only well-documented, but markedly at odds with one another, rendering any Northwest photography “scene” more compartmentalized than unified.

As the demographic makeup of the Northwest shifts, however, so too does the application of photography in the fine arts. Gloomy Skies Make Great Softboxes demonstrates how emerging artists such as Isaac Layman (Seattle), Andrew O’Brien (Eugene), and Holly Andres (Portland) are transcending regional aesthetic trends and moving toward an increasingly progressive and critical mode of image-making.

Gloomy Skies Make Great Softboxes: A Presentation by Chas Bowie, PNCA, 1241 NW Johnson, Portland OR, Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 12:30 pm


One Response to This Wednesday: Gloomy Skies Make Great Softboxes at PNCA

  1. meredith says:

    Aw, this sounds like a great presentation, wish I could have made it.

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